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Welcome to the"7 Dinam Exports "

7DINAM is all about ONLY “100% Export Quality” food products. We do 7DINAM food products as wholesale, retail, exports/imports.

7DINAM is a Trademark (R) (registered/approved) branded company to provide best export quality food products to customers.

7DINAM Exports is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to maintain the best quality standard for our customers.

7DINAM Exports company established on Nov 14th 2017 in Kunnathur,Tirupur(Dt), Tamilnadu(State),INDIA.Read more

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    • No Second Quality on 7DINAM Products
      • We only do first quality natural food products for our customers
    • No Adulteration on 7DINAM Products
      • It is common on general markets, lot of adulteration to get more profit but 7DINAM strictly says NO for adulteration for our customers.
    • No Compromise on 7DINAM Product Quality
      • We never compromise on our quality for any case.
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    We are upgrading our packing style even better to provide the First class feeling to our customers.

How to make “Extra Income” using 7DINAM – from 7DINAM Retailer/
Organic Retail Shop Owner/
Personally I got know about many useful product knowledges from 7DINAM Team which I can able to transfer to my customers.
7 Dinam Customer/
Andhra Pradesh
I felt really competitive price for the 7DINAM product compare to other products in the market.
I am a regular customer for 7DINAM products for last one year. I am buying Palm Crystal (pana kalkandu) and giving to my child to make her healthier from childhood.…
7DINAM New Customer/
I am really inspired about the talk given by 7DINAM team in youtube. Great efforts and congratulation Dinesh and Team for your journey. I really like about the speech like…

Great Memories

Marriage Gift: One of our loyal customer recommended our 7DINAM sukku (dry ginger) coffee powder as return gift to 200 people. This is an unforgettable movement for 7DINAM Team. He trust so much about the quality and its benefits.

Giving to Child: Many of our customers trusted our product quality which enables them to give their child as food. For example, 7DINAM Palm crystals (Pana kalkandu) as substitute to white sugar.


Dry Ginger (Sukku Coffee)


Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

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