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Dry Ginger Palm Jaggery 500 GR


Palm Jaggery (Panai Vellam/Panai Karupatti) is Healthy substitute for white sugar. 100% Natural. 100% Chemical Free.PALM JAGGERY(KARUPATTI)

Karuppatti or Palm Jaggery is basically unrefined Palm sugar which is obtained from raw Palm sap(Palm tree).Palm Karupatti is used as natural sweetner.Unfermented juice is a great summer drink; locals call it padaneer. In smaller towns in Southern Tamil Nadu, it’s not uncommon to see this drink served on palm leaves that are expertly folded into mugs.Palm Karupatti has an abandoned source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. It is obtained as block forms molded in various shapes.


• It Helps to relieve constipation.
• Prevents Digestive Disorders.
• Helps for cold,Cough Problems.
• Helps to relief from migraines.
• Full of Nutrients
• Acts as an Energy Booster


• Healthy/Natural substitute for white sugar.
• Mainly used with tea,coffee preparation.
• Also used with hot water and milk.


• 100% Natural Palm Juice .


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