Welcome to 7DINAM

  • 7DINAM is all about ONLY “100% Export Quality” food products. We do 7DINAM food products as wholesale, retail, exports/imports.
  • 7DINAM is a Trademark (R) (registered/approved) branded company to provide best export quality food products to customers.
  • 7DINAM Exports is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to maintain the best quality standard for our customers.
  • 7DINAM Exports company established on Nov 14th 2017 in Kunnathur,Tirupur(Dt), Tamilnadu(State),INDIA.
  • 7DINAM founder lived in Texas, USA for last 7 years and understand the international market. Our ultimate dream is to provide food products at international standards to domestic market in India as well as other countries such as USA, Singapore, Australia and etc.
  • 7DINAM Exports is registered member of APEDA Export Council, Govt of INDIA.
  • 7DINAM Exports is registered member of FIEO (Federation Of Indian Organizations) Export Council, Govt of INDIA.
  • 7DINAM Exports is registered with FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Govt. of Tamil Nadu,INDIA. fssai Lic No: 10019042005030

7DINAM Standard:

  • 7DINAM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company to maintain the best quality standard for our customers.
  • 7DINAM Standard is Only 100% Export Quality. Meaning :
  • No Second Quality on 7DINAM Products
  • No Adulteration on 7DINAM Products
  • No Compromise on 7DINAM Product Quality
  • 7DINAM have strong strict policy on Quality Control on how we choose the product sources.
  • Our 7DINAM Team visits directly to farms for examines the product when it produced and make sure the product is Excellent as well meet our 7DINAM standards.
  • 7DINAM strongly beliefs the Product Quality is the only factor which differentiate 7DINAM from others who sells same product with less standard.
  • 7DINAM is Export company as you know by the name itself 7DINAM Exports which clearly gives meaning as we are working with international buyers worldwide from different countries like USA and others. For that, 7DINAM have to maintain the export quality to do export of food products. We hope this gives better explanation about our 7DINAM product standard.

7DINAM Brand Name and Logo:

7DINAM Logo is unique in the sense it describes the farmer with plough (in tamil its called “Yer Kalappai”). We come up with the concept as number 7 from plough (kalappai) and D represents day/night. Whole meaning of logo represents as Farmers works day and night (all 7 days). 7DINAM wants to support and represent for Farmers.

In addition, DINAM (is a tamil language word) means day and 7DINAM means all 7 days.

Our goal is to reach 7DINAM customers life all 7 days (7DINAM) by our food products and make them stronger/healthier.

7DINAM Goal:

7DINAM journey is nothing but leaving good traces to next generation that means giving good export quality food products for building stronger and healthier next generation.

Why choose 7 Dinam Exports

100% Export Quality. Meaning:

  • No Second Quality on 7DINAM Products
    • We only do first quality natural food products for our customers
  • No Adulteration on 7DINAM Products
    • It is common on general markets, lot of adulteration to get more profit but 7DINAM strictly says NO for adulteration for our customers.
  • No Compromise on 7DINAM Product Quality
    • We never compromise on our quality for any case.

Our New mantra is “Feel the First Class”

We are upgrading our packing style even better to provide the First class feeling to our customers.

7Dinam Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate :


APEDA Export Council, Govt. of INDIA. Membership Certificate :


FIEO Export Council, Govt. of INDIA. Membership Certificate :


FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Certificate :




7DINAM Founder:

  • Hi, I am Dinesh “Founder of 7DINAM”
  • My native is Kunnathur. Tirupur(Dt). Tamil Nadu (State). India. My Ancestors lived in my native for more than 100 years so I like to come back.
  • Basically I am software Engineer for last 13 years (6 yrs in Chennai/Bangalore and 7 years in USA (Austin, Texas))
  • When I was in USA, I come across about Patents/Innovations and I created 50 innovations and you can check in google by typing my full name as  “dinesh kunnathur ragupathi”. When I do those innovations and living in american live style, I heard the news about as Farmers suffering so much in India and they are protesting in Delhi. I thought I should have help something for them. Then we decided to create a company for food products so that we support them by increasing the demand in international market.
  • Brand Name of the company “7DINAM” has its own history and I will explain in different part.
  • In Logo, we strongly put “farmer” with the plough and if didn’t notice then look at one more time. We want to represent them in every aspects.
  • I started this company around 2017 when I was in USA with my native people.
  • I came to India by 2018 with all my family including 2 kids who born in USA.
  • I quit my Job in Bangalore by Oct 18th 2019. At that time, my take home salary was around 2 Lakh, but I strongly felt as something is missing in my inner voice so I decided to quit. That is the reason why I tell to my clients if money is my only motive then I should have stayed in USA or Software. But I want to create a positive impact to the rural society so the next generation can follow the value of doing good business.
  • Now I am in full time business to expand in Exports to all over the world. Really Looking for good hearts.
  • Our goals are creating employment in rural area and set a roll model for next generation as if 7DINAM can do then you can do for Sure.
  • Our aim is do a great business by doing a Excellent Export Quality Products with Excellent Service support.
  • Kindly Support us and encourage us in any form as an Investor, Supplier, Buyer, Customer, Retailer, Wholesaler, Importer/Exporter.
  • We will combine create a Strong Good History !!!


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