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Palm Sugar 500 GR


Palm Sugar is Healthy substitute for white sugar. 100% Natural. 100% Chemical Free.PALM JAGGERY POWDER

Palm Sugar is also known as Palm Jaggery Powder is used as a natural sweetener. It comes from Palm Tree. Palm sugar contains vitamins and trace minerals and is less sweet than cane sugar. It is known as natural sugar because it involves minimum processing and no chemicals are used. The sap from the tree is heated to wick away the moisture content until a thick syrup is obtained, and this sweet nectar is then further reduced to crystals. In the stores, palm sugar is available in the block, granular and liquid form.


• Controls Body Heat and Purifies Blood.
• Prevents Digestive Disorders.
• Helps for cold,Cough Problems.
• It helps with various illnesses and weight loss
• A high GI means that the food is rapidly absorbed by the body thereby increasing the blood sugar level and causing the pancreas to release large amounts of insulin. A low GI indicates that the food is slowly absorbed, preventing the spike in insulin level.


• Healthy/Natural substitute for white sugar.
• Mainly used with tea,coffee preparation.
• Also used with hot water and milk.


• 100% Natural Palm Juice .


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