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Himalayan Rock Salt (Indu Uppu) 1KG FINE


Himalayan Rock Salt Fine (indu uppu/pink salt/rock salt) is Healthy substitute for white salt. 100% Natural.

        Himalayan Rock Salt is with 84 minerals preserved for over 250 million years in Himalayan Mountains.100% Naturals and completely free of toxins and chemicals. Majorly used in various countries such as USA, Europe, and others. Prescribed by doctors for various health benefits such as kidney problems and etc..,

        Salt is the essence of life. Our body needs it, but not too much –or too little. Salt is made up of two electrolytes – sodium and chloride that help in maintaining the fluid balance in your body. It also helps regulate your blood pressure. In the last few years, salt or sodium has gained a bad reputation primarily because our appetite for junk or processed food has increased which has become the primary cause of excess salt consumption.

        Salt is not really the villain that it is made out to be and so, people have been looking out for better alternatives to the refined table salt like rock salt, sea salt or the ancient Himalayan salt. Also known as the pink salt, hand-cut slabs of this unique variety of salt are derived from natural deposits found in the Himalayan foothills.


• Rock salt with 84 Minerals Preserved for over 250 million years in Himalayan Mountains.
• Helps mainly for kidney and bladder Problems.
• Helps to control Blood Pressure.
• Salt therapy for respiratory problems
• Himalayan salt lamps to purify the air


• Healthy/Natural substitute for White Sea salt with 84 minerals.
• Used in all cooking preparation as same as sea salt.
• Make foods with Rock salt more delicious and nutritious for your family to enjoy.


• 100% Natural Himalayan Rock salt.


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